Retail Sites

Our main services include the manufacture of permanent retail counters and display areas.

Working with our long standing and experienced suppliers we can also provide designers and customers with solutions for paint finishes, lighting, glass work, metal work and acrylic.

Our experience in all these areas helps us meet the needs of designers and their clients’ brands to create a luxury and premium environment.

Bespoke Furniture

We can make furniture for all kinds of enviroments.

Office, workplace, Hotel, leisure and domestic.

From reception desks to contemporary furniture we can turn your design ideas into reality.

We have a vast knowledge of hardwoods and veneers to create the look you want.

If you are not a designer we work closely with people in that area that can provide a creative service.


We are capable producing large quantities of display stands at competitive prices to maximise your product impact.

At the opposite end of the scale individual pieces are not a problem with prototyping and problem solving a speciality.

In recent years we have raised the bar in the quality of temporary sites built for designers and their clients.

We have completed some of the largest roll outs of promotional furniture in the UK under very tight deadlines.